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TIENS Matrac

Helping to normalize the biological magnetic fields in the human body and improving your sleep quality.
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The Chinese health concept assumes illnesses are prevented us and not to be Treated. The key to our health is in our own hands THUS. It is up to us what lifestyle we lead, what we eat, we exercise Whether or how we sleep. An Appropriate length and quality of sleep is so Important Because It Determines Whether we feel not only Rested, But Also how our Entire body functions. The Health Mattress by Tiens, Thanks to its unique structure, Helps normalize the biological magnetic fields in the human body, Eliminates fatigue and Improves sleep length and quality .




A person Spends one third of Their life sleeping. THEREFORE, Traditional Chinese Medicine claims as the Least expensive sleep and MOST Widely available method of staying healthy, One That Also Promotes longevity. Western medicine appreciates the value of sleep as well, and recognises it as a basic requirement of the human body. It is crucial for the health of Both Body and Mind. Sleep regenerates the body, HENCE ITS Have a negative impact deficiencies on our mood and looks. One of the main functions of sleep is "turning off" the activity of the Central nervous system. During esta commences its "restoration", ie the brain repairs any "damage" and organises and memorises new information. This IMPLIES sleep cleanses the brain, and various biochemical Mechanisms During it are activated, Which are responsible for long-term memory. Also Sleep Affects the function of the immune system and secretion of Certain hormones, eg growth hormone. According To Traditional Chinese Medicine, toxins are eliminated through the sleep During action of the lymphatic system, liver, lungs and the large intestine. Each of the elimination stages OCCURS Between 9pm and 7am - in two-hour cycles, it is the sleep THEREFORE Important is not disturbed During esta period. Otherwise, the toxins will not be fully eliminated, and This Will Reflect on how we feel.

Tiens offers a mattress, which - thanks to a combination of magnetic field, infrared light and negative ions - supports the proper function of the cells in our body and Improves Their oxygenation. Sleeping on the mattress May help balance the biological magnetic field of the human body, fatigue relief, improve increase the length and quality of sleep. This way the detoxification will not be disturbed cycle, Which will support the health of the Entire body. Additionally, the always-fashionable, classic design Enables Tiens Health Mattress to match any interior.



Tiens Health Mattress comprises of six layers.

The first layer is an anti-static fabric jacquard That Ensures a pleasant look of the mattress and a smooth surface That is gentle on the skin.

The second is a layer of cotton With patch made from an anionic tourmaline. Anions, negative ions ie, have the Ability to NEUTRALISE bacteria and fungi as well as harmful substances.

The third layer is an Original Tiens technology - the Energy Star use layer That the influence of the magnetic field and the semi-precious stone tourmaline. Magnetic, infrared and anion energy is released from 108 - in the case of the single mattress, or 156 - in the case of the double mattress - Energy Stars. The infrared radiation and negative ionisation are possible thanks to the presence of tourmaline. ACCORDING to a natural medicine, tourmaline is a protective stone. It reinforces and cleanses the mind and body, Helps to fall asleep and fight anxiety and fear, it activates the body's naturally defense Mechanisms. Due to tourmaline releasing infrared radiation, the body can more Efficiently produces enzymes and the Ability of cells to self-regenerate Strengthens. This Also Improves the microcirculation radiation Causing an impression of a delicate, warm massage.

The fourth layer is a fabric made of pure cotton, friendly to the skin, resistant to tearing and easy to clean. It Ensures ventilation and moisture absorption.

The fifth layer is a patch of bamboo coal Powder with cleansing properties, Which has the Ability to intercept toxins from the environment and the body as well as to absorb Odours.

The sixth layer end is a 100% cotton fabric.



According To Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianshi Health Mattress:

- May balance the fields Affecting the body,

- Increases the prevalence of negative ions in the environment, Which Improves blood oxygenation,

- Improves the length and quality of sleep,

- By Improving the length and quality of sleep, THUS it Affects the proper self-detoxification of the body,

- You have to Favourable impact on our overall well-being.



In order not to disrupt the efficacy of action, avoid Placing watches and various types of magnetic cards (eg credit or debit card with a magnetic stripe) Directly on the mattress, nor putting any metal objects on the mattress.



Tiens Health Mattress is not suitable for:

- Children,

- Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers,

- People with high blood pressure,

- People with heart disease,

- Individuals with pacemakers,

- Cancer Patients.



Tiens Health Mattress is Particularly recommended for Those looking to improve increase the quality and length of sleep as well as the morning mood.