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TIENS Multifunkcionális Hűtőszekrény tisztító (VTSZ:90191010)

Removing unpleasant odors, disinfection and freshness preservation of food.
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BV: 77.00
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Do you have problems with unpleasant odors in your refrigerator, shoe rack, wardrobes or bathrooms? Eliminate them with multifunctional purifier refrigerator. The device makes use of strong oxidation mechanism of ozone to eliminate unpleasant odors, disinfect and preserve the freshness of food.



The multifunctional purifier refrigerator Tiens is a modern device, small, portable and easy to operate; It integrates the principles of biotechnology, electronics and mechanics, adopting a management system of a single intelligent to successfully apply ozone (O3) in real life chip. The device uses the unique properties of the ozone layer and can remove organic and inorganic odors in domestic applications, for example in the refrigerator, shoemakers, cupboards and toilets. Does not mask unpleasant odors like traditional air fresheners, but eliminates them. Moreover, when put in the fridge, it extends the freshness of food, eliminating bacteria and excluding pathogenic fungi.

The device is equipped with three modes dedicated to different functions. It is very easy to use, with a single button on and off.

Ozone (O3) is a form of oxygen having an oxygen atom more than the atmospheric oxygen (O2) we breathe. Ozone is formed naturally in the stratosphere, where oxygen to ultraviolet light or high voltages rays exposed. In the stratosphere oxygen molecules dissociate and divide, forming singlet oxygen of a single atom (O1). These oxygen atoms then wandering recombine with other oxygen molecules to form ozone.

Ozone is the perfect purifier nature. Since ozone is highly reactive, readily it oxidizes decomposing organic matter. When ozone encounters another organic or inorganic compound, an oxygen atom is separated, joining compound, and oxidizing, and therefore, cleaning or purifying.

The device is equipped with three modes dedicated to different functions. It is very easy to use, with a single button on and off.

The multifunctional purifier refrigerator Tiens is an effective and economical device that is loaded only once a month.



The multifunctional purifier Tiens refrigerators can be used to:

• Delete (and not mask as traditional air fresheners!) Organic and inorganic odors in home appliances, for example, in the fridge, wardrobes and shoemakers, or bathrooms.

• Prolong the freshness of foods that are refrigerated.

•  Controlling the growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi, keeping the refrigerator disinfected.